Change management

Change is personal.  Change is hard.  Ever heard this or experienced this?  Of course!

Just because it is an organization change versus something personal, doesn't make it any easier.  As leaders, you can tell people what to do and how to do it, but it is up to your team to follow through and make it happen with the engagement, effectiveness, speed, and return on investment you need. We each have different skills, perspectives, readiness, and past experiences with change that are positive or negative.  Plus, people are at different levels of buy-in on the change initiative itself and how it will impact them and the organization. We can help you with the people side of change and the process side of change.

We use the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile to help each person explore their personal style and unique value to help with the people-side of change.  A few areas critical to change management are:


-Influencing others


-Detail orientation

-Bias for action

Through a team workshop, you'll examine your effectiveness in each critical area and learn how to leverage your uniqueness and that of your team members for the best project success. Will this help with conflict management and priority alignment?  Absolutely! We help teams get "unstuck" and overcome problematic dynamics to improve collaboration and get things done. As part of this workshop, we give you change management techniques to enhance your project success. 

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