See the power of Insights Discovery® !


Color-Based Model


Insights is based on the personality types theory of Carl Jung, the same theory behind Meyers Briggs assessment system.  While they each differ somewhat on the interpretation, the unique and powerful aspect of the Insights system is that it uses the language of color.  

Bringing the depths of personality and preferences to life through color makes it "stick" and leads to learning and application that results in long-term benefits.   

The four colors describe the basic personality types:  Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue.  Simply taking cues from your own leading style and purposefully engaging and adapting to people with other styles goes a long ways towards building great and productive relationships.

However, it doesn't stop there. By learning all aspects of your personality expressed through color combinations, you will get into deeper discovery to see how you get to that next level of understanding and positive impact.

Discovery® Profile Report


The Insights Discovery Personal Profile helps explain how we prefer to think and act. Using that knowledge, individuals can build better relationships, lead people effectively and work more harmoniously and productively in teams and with customers. This also works at home with your family, too!

How it works

You complete an online questionnaire.  This is interpreted into the profile divided into chapters that focus on all of the key dimensions of how you work and interact with others. 

Each profile is unique, as you are unique.  

Workshop Offerings

We have a number of workshop programs that use  Insights Discovery® as  a foundation.  Each program is customized to fit your particular situation and needs.