Leadership effectiveness

You know that outstanding leadership is critical and in great demand.  There are plenty of books and self-help articles and many of those can be of tremendous help to leaders who are eager to learn more about themselves and equipped to put those adjustments into practice.  Let's face it,  It isn't enough for most of us.  We need to continue to work at our leadership to reach our greatest potential.

Each person, team, and company has its own unique personality and set of experiences, that combined, make our roles exciting and quite challenging.  Not to mention the complexity of the work itself! To drive leadership excellence in your organization, a custom approach that takes all of those factors into account is required. 

We use the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile and/or Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile as a foundation to explore these and many more:

- Personal style

- Communication 

- Motivation

- Decision making

- Strengths and weaknesses

Through a series of workshops and/or coaching sessions, you will learn the implications for leading with red, green, yellow, or blue styles and preferences.  Most importantly, you learn how to anticipate and adapt your approach to become more effective in your interactions with others.

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