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Depending on what market you serve, competition is tougher than ever. Don't settle for meeting goals, figure out how to excel and have the greatest impact on your organization.  For profits and non-profit organizations can benefit alike!  Our approach is very unique and creates immediate impact and lasting value, regardless of how your team is performing today.

You may have an experienced, outstanding sales team reaching and exceeding all of its goals.  You may have a relatively new, fast-learning sales team that has enough enthusiasm and customer focus to overcome the obstacles.The truth is that you probably have a mix of both.  The core skills of selling or influencing change are common: relationship-building, identifying customer needs, proposing solutions, dealing with resistance, gaining commitment, and following through on the sale and nurturing the relationship.  In any relationship, it's best to have that self-awareness of style strengths and "blind spots" that either enable or block success in sales. Of course, you need to be able to identify the style and preferences of your customer and adapt to fully unlock the sales potential. We can help you with this.

We use the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile and Sales Effectiveness Profile as a foundation to work with your sales professionals in this lively workshop aligned to the selling process. Yes, we have a process, but the real value is in the people-centric aspect of  "how" we do it.  We customize these workshops to meet you needs and ensure you get the return on investment.

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