Team Effectiveness

Team building events are fantastic to strengthen a team's collaboration, to learn about each other, and to create personal bonds and positive memories.  However, without the essential building blocks in place, we often fail to realize the full impact of that carefully planned, and likely expensive, event.  We've been there and have truly treasured some of those moments in our careers.  

However, we think it's best to get the foundation laid first so there is lasting impact for everyone involved and to ensure that you get the boost in performance you're counting upon. How do we truly gain an understanding about ourselves and the people we work with at a practical and meaningful level?  What are my preferences for how I work and interact in different situations, on a "good" day and on a "bad" day?  What about my co-workers and their styles and preferences and where we meet and where we clash? We all about helping teams find their balance and delivering their best performance.  

We use the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile to help each person explore their personal style and unique value to the team.  Through a team workshop, you'll  examine your effectiveness in each critical work area and learn how to bring your best unique self to create that exciting, high performance team.

Back to the classic team building event, you'll be ready for that after we lay the team foundation together with you.  Let us help you with both!



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View a sample profile to see the rich information we draw from to enhance individual and team performance.  Contact us for a conversation about your needs and how we can best support you.